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The Heavies. The very best built bar none.
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You can not buy a better made set of silhouettes except from me.. This is my own design with the legs mortised thou the base and then tig welded from the bottom. For now I am a little short of turkeys. I have about 15  of my standard silhouettes sets. Four animals 1-chicken 1-pig-1-turkey and 1- ram. --------------------------------------------------
I also have a heavy set. These are the finest made in the world. I only have chickens, pigs and rams for now. The chicken has been tested with a 30ft lb gun at 25 yards. 50 shots and no damage. These animals are cutout on a 600,000.00 dollar industrial laser. I do not use the cheaper low grade steel.  They are welded with a 2000.00 dollar Esab welder. I will only put my name on the very best. ---
Again these are the very finest you can buy and will give you more then your moneys worth in service.
As far as the heavy chickens go you can not get a better chicken anywhere even from Bo Pilgrim.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 A bit of info -during testing and also 4 years of silhouette competition, we have come to learned that the back stop cause's more damage  to the animals  in a short period of time than any 20 ft lb gun will in extended use.

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These silhouettes are personal favorites of Tim McMurry, Larry Durum, Bill Model, Larry Engel, Ron Robinson and many more top shooters in the U.S.