Johnston Target Works

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This is what some of my custormers have to say.

Gregg Ginalick:
  Your targets are the best. My dad was so happy
when he came and saw me for a week and shot in my garage, every day for hours,
he is 73 and hasn't shot that much ever! You are going to make his entire year @
christmas when I give him your targets!
Gregory McMahon:
I got the chickens a couple of days ago. They're are very
impressive--incredibly well made. Thanks for sending them out so fast. --------------------------------
Tommy Cruickshank:
Hi Tim,
 Target arrived today. Safe and sound: how could it not, if the truck delivering it had blown up, the target would still be ok. It is really pretty strong looking and I'm sure not complaining. It looks like something that will outlast me. ....well, let's see if I can't kill it first. ---------------------------------------------
 Sky Alaibilla:
 Thank you for being such a stand up business am looking foward to doing business with you again in the near future,your service is impeckable and fast and you make some good looking targets .

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