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Norwegian Brusletto Knives
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Brusletto knives are made from high carbon stainless steel (Sandvik 12C27) hardened to about 58 on the Rockwell "C" scale. . They come in a variety of elegant, but traditional styles. Workmanship is very good. Most of the sheaths have a molded plastic insert to protect the sheath and owner


The Brusletto-Kniven is a working knife. It has the a 3 3/4" blade with a plain birch handle . The 4 1/4" handle is done in the style of current Scandinavian custom knives, and gives excellent control. Model B-1 Price 55.00 ---1 in stock


 The 2" blade makes a handy paring or carving knife also a neat little utility knife The short grip allows you to palm the blade for chip carving. It comes with a simple leather sheath and unpolished stainless blade. The length overall is about 5", and it would make a neat neck knife or patch knife. Model B-2 Price 25.00---1 in stock

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The Spikkekniv ("whittling knife") is a joint effort of Brusletto, Norges Husflidslag (The Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Federation) and Skogselskaper (The Norwegian Forestry Society). It's really quite sweet, with about 2 3/8" blade and 4" of handle. The blade is shaped for carving, and is made of carbon steel hardened to about 59 on the Rockwell scale. It's the only Brusletto knife with a carbon steel blade. It's used to provide a combination of superior edge holding and ease of sharpening. The knife is intended as a first carving knife for children to interest them in whittling and woodcraft.  The handle is stamped with an image of the project's mascot "Spikketrollet" which is suggested as an easy first carving. Model B-3 Price 40.00---OUT OF STOCK