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These are custom made knives or one off customized. If you see one you like It will be the only one. So wait to long, and it will be gone.





A beautiful little hand built knife. Marked K Webb on one side and the numbers 59 on the other side. Micarta scales and brass bolsters. Blade shows no signs of use or abuse. The sheath is a pocket sheath meaning no belt loops. The blade has a very good edge on it. Model C-1 Price 125.00



Kershaw with Rosewood handles (added) Blade is AUS8 steel. Handles have brass and mosaic pins with a red spacer between scales and blade. The knife is a Ken Onion design. Nice edge and very little use. The sheath is very rugged and done in a old west homemade style. Model C-2 Price 50.00

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